We are proud to offer some of the lowest rates in town while offering more money on a large range of collateral.


What is a pawn?

A pawn is a short-term collateral loan. They are open ended loans that can be renewed every 30 days and redeemed at any time. There is no requirement to pay back a pawn. You can have 1 or 100 pawns at any time, if you do not want your collateral back then you have essentially sold the item and are welcome to pawn again.

A pawn is useful for when you need cash, quickly. Whether you need cash to make payroll, pay a bill, buy a new ring, put food on the table, or just to spend the day on the beach, a pawn is a quick and simple solution for any cash need.

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Payday loan vs Pawn

Unlike a pawn, you are required to repay a payday loan. Payday loan agencies will do what is in their power to collect repayment. Payday loan users get caught in a cycle of borrowing, repaying, borrow again, and repay, borrow. This cycle gets progressively more expensive.

We do not offer payday loans, because we believe a pawn is infinitely more convenient and user friendly.